Articulo Green Ventures 2018

International partnership forum for energy and environmental technologies

Green Ventures is the largest regularly scheduled partnership forum for energy and environmental technologies in Germany. In past years, almost 5,000 companies from 115 countries on all continents have attended this international meeting of entrepreneurs.

The main objective of the Green Ventures Partnership Forum is to support companies in the environmental and energy sector in establishing contacts abroad. For this reason, Green Ventures was also put on abroad several times in past years in cooperation with professional Partners. 

The concept behind the Partnership Forum is to address issues where small and medium companies often run into obstacles – initiating cross-border contacts and finding suitable partners abroad. The selection of the right partner is a major factor upon which business success depends.

Jose Samuel Monterroso

General Manager at ECONOVA, S.A.

Guatemala City, Guatemala




Econova is an Energy Service Company (ESCO), specializes in energy efficiency consulting, providing benefits in the following areas: Financial, Operational, Environmental and Sustainability.


Econova ist ein Energiedienstleistungsunternehmen, welches sich auf Beratungen zu Energieeffizienz spezialisiert hat - mit Schwerpunkt in den folgenden Bereichen: finanzielle Aspekte, Betrieb sowie Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsfragen.


Energy Audits

Energy Audits according ASHRAE Level I: Site Assessment or Preliminary Audits. Level II: Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis Audits. Level III: Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modification Audits Energieaudits nach ASHRAE Stufel I: Standortbewertung oder einleitende Audits Stufe II: Audits zu Energiebilanz und Technikanalyse Stufe III: Audits zu eingehenden Analysen hinsichtlich kapitalintensiver Umbauten und Änderungen

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